How much CBD should you use

An essential question that most people who are just getting started with CBD (Cannabidiol) ask is how much should I use?

The answer is more complicated than just a simple measure. First of all, it all depends on how you consume CBD oil. People use it as a food supplement, vaporise it, drink it, eat it and everything in between.

However, let’s focus on most common use, that is swallowing a few drops of highly concentrated oil straight from the tincture bottle.

Here we can start doing some math and rely on numbers.


As of now, it is strongly recommended not to exceed the maximum dose of 200mg per day for an adult (although it is impossible to overdose on CBD).

A small drop is about 0.05ml, and Plant Be oils come in a 10ml bottle, so it lasts for about 200 drops. A 10% Plant Be bottle has 1,000mg of CBD.

The simple math is that one drop of 10% Plant Be oil has around 5mg of CBD. 1000mg is 200 drops so 1000/200 = 5.

5% Plant Be oil has 500mg CBD therefore 500/200 = 2.5 – one drop of 5% oil has 2.5mg of CBD and so on.

The first thing when you start using CBD as a food supplement is to figure out what works best for you. It takes time for your body to get used to the supplement and it is recommended to start slow with a lower dosage and then increase it with time.

On the Plant Be oil bottle it is recommended to take between 2–4 drops, 2 to 3 times per day. That is a standard, let’s call it the ‘average’ measurement of using CBD oils.

However we all know that everybody is different, so for the first few days, you can start with fewer drops, not as frequent. Then with time, increase it to your comfort.

It’s all about finding that ‘sweet spot’, where you get out the most of your CBD oil. But, that takes time. The body does not require vast amounts of CBD to start feeling the benefits, however, when you introduce too much of it, the benefits diminish.

It is also possible that the body can become ‘worn out’ and reduce the effect of CBD when you abuse the dosage.


Ok, but what do other people say?

Majority of frequent, daily CBD users take between 10mg to 25mg throughout a day. For others, only a few mg per day will be enough to find relief. The usual way will be to take a couple of drops in the morning and then another later in the day if you see fit.

It all depends on factors such as age, weight, sex and other medication taken at the same time that’s why it is difficult to recommend an exact number. For the beginners, we recommend taking notes. Not just how much CBD and when did you take it, but also how long did the effect last.

It may turn out that few drops in the morning will be more than enough to last the whole day!

Think why do you want to try CBD, what is your goal and then start working towards it.

Everyone is different, and it takes time and a little bit of work to find what works best for you.

Plant Be Team


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