When you start your CBD journey there ought to be fundamental questions you need to ask, and one of them is how to consume CBD?

We are going to say it now – there is no right way to take CBD. It all depends on personal preference, reason and your comfort. There are plenty of methods of consuming CBD, and each has its advantages and disadvantages; some will be easier to get CBD into your bloodstream than others.

It all depends on your goal – why do you want to supplement your diet with CBD and what do you expect to achieve?

As always, it is best to track both the intake as well as results, especially over these first few weeks when the body adjusts to CBD. Start low and build up the intake slowly (and talk to a medical professional) over time.

CBD Drops 

The most common method is with the concentrated oil which can come in different strengths in a dropper bottle.

To use CBD oil simply place few drops (depending on how much you want to take) under your tongue and hold it there. Before you swallow the drops, your mucus membranes will absorb the CBD directly into the bloodstream. After swallowing the CBD will have to pass through the gastrointestinal system into the liver. It takes longer to process and decreases the amount of CBD absorbed so holding it under the tongue is the best way to maximise the effects.

CBD Spray or Capsules

If you don’t feel like holding the drops under the tongue, you can try CBD spray. The method is similar, but instead of drops, you spray it under the tongue.

Some people prefer taking CBD in capsules, and that can work too; however, it may take longer for the effects to show as the CBD needs to be digested first.

Digesting is the easiest method, and even with CBD oil, people add it too foods rather than consuming it directly. Again, it will take longer for CBD to take effect, but it may last longer also.

CBD Vape Pens

The other method which is getting more popular is to inhale CBD by vaping it.

Some studies suggest that yes, a high percentage (up to 30%) can be absorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream however the effects may last shorter than if it was consumed with oil under the tongue. The result may be faster but it will end sooner, and of course, this may not be a preferable method for non-smokers.

CBD Balms or Salves

Another method is to use balm or salve like our Plant Be one. Rubbing the cream into the skin means it is absorbed into small capillary blood vessels and can help with pain and ache in an affected area, as a supplement. They work on the ‘upper’ layer of the cells and will not enter your bloodstream.

It is clear that pure CBD oil may not be to everyone’s taste, therefore, a recent trend that is growing in popularity is adding CBD to foods, as a supplement.

On the market, you can find chocolates, cookies, sweets even beer with CBD.

The attractive point is that you can enjoy the treat and at the same time have all the benefits that come with CBD.

With time there is no doubt that anyone who wants to start their CBD journey will have a plethora of choices on how to consume CBD.


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